The Benefits of LED Lighting

For most businesses, efficiency and cost-effective solutions will be some of the highest things on their list of priorities. It’s important as a business to be able to adapt and grow, and this can involve everything from allowing flexible, remote working, to finding ways to make your business more environmentally friendly.

Making the switch to LED lighting is one way to ensure that your business is doing its bit for the environment, and there are many further benefits to be gained too. With this in mind, see below for just some of the benefits of choosing LED lighting for your business.

Energy efficient

Traditional light bulbs are actually not very energy efficient at all and around 80 to 90% of their energy is wasted as heat. By contrast, LED bulbs convert 80 to 90% of their energy into light, so very little is wasted. They also emit light in a specific direction, so can be adjusted to focus on certain areas and ensure you have the maximum light in the area needed.

Long lasting

LED bulbs are incredibly long lasting; you could leave them on for eight hours a day and it would still take around 20 years for the bulb to run out. They’re also made from epoxy lenses, not glass, which makes them far more resistant to breakage.

Environmentally friendly

LED lights don’t use any toxic chemicals (some traditional fluorescent bulbs contain mercury), which makes them much safer for the environment. Their high energy efficiency also means that they consume less power, which cuts down on greenhouse emissions.

Increased safety

As mentioned, LEDs convert most of their energy into light so they’re much cooler to the touch in comparison to traditional bulbs. This reduces the risk of burnt fingers if you need to change a bulb and they’re also far less likely to break or shatter.

If you want to find out more about commercial LED lighting, get in touch with the experts at The Energy Desk. We’re proud to supply and install a range of LED lighting solutions for commercial premises with minimum disruption to your everyday business activities. Our professional team also offers free site visits and an energy ‘health check’ to ensure we recommend the best solution to suit your requirements. For more information or to book an appointment, give us a call today or visit our website.

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The Benefits of LED Lighting