The Benefits of Smart Electricity Usage Meters for Start-Up Businesses

The smart-technology revolution is taking the world by storm. The ‘Internet of Things’ has connected almost every part of our lives through smart technology. From smartphones to smart TVs and even smart lightbulbs, we can now connect the hardware in our homes and offices to create a more seamless and straightforward way of life. Not only can smart devices speed up our lives, but it can also save us money! Smart electricity usage meters are now offered to all small businesses and homeowners from all energy providers across the country. These devices provide you with crystal clear oversight on your energy usage and help ensure that you are only paying for the energy that you use. If you’ve been offered a smart electricity usage meter, but you’re still not sure what one is, we’ve created a guide to help you decide whether one is right for your small business.

What Is A Smart Electricity Usage Meter?

Smart meters provide the same function as a traditional meter; they measure your energy usage. However, unlike traditional meters, smart meters send all of the relevant energy usage readings directly to your supplier via a wireless network. A smart meter will also arrive with an ‘in-home display’ (IHD) which provides real-time information about your energy consumption as well as the associated costs.

A smart meter will replace all of your existing gas and electricity usage meters with one simple and easy-to-use system. The smart gas meter and smart electricity usage meter communicate together as well as with your IHD to provide a comprehensive and simple reading for users to understand.

The Benefits Of Installing a Smart Electricity Meter

Smart gas and electricity usage meters are growing in popularity, as they provide a simpler way to understand your energy consumption and a seamless billing system which is always accurate. For small businesses, this sort of oversight on what your spending and how much energy you’re using is invaluable.

Smart Meters Stop The Need For Manual Meter Readings

First and foremost, installing a smart meter will completely eradicate the need for manual meter readings. As such, you can greatly reduce the amount of time you need to spend on the phone to energy companies. As well as saving time, you can be certain that accurate readings are sent to your suppliers automatically and you will be billed accordingly.

Greater Transparency and Detail Regarding Energy Usage

Because smart meters communicate with an IHD, you have complete transparency about your energy consumption. You’ll be able to see precisely what you’re using and the cost that the energy consumption amounts to. For small businesses, having this oversight on your consumption is especially important when it comes to making savings and reducing your energy usage.

This Data Can Give You Oversight On How To Reduce Consumption

With this additional detail, it’s far easier to understand how you are consuming your energy, where you can make savings and how to become more efficient. Without a smart meter, knowing the methods for reducing your energy can be confusing. With one, seeing where you can make the most savings is simple and easy to understand.

Encourages Good Energy Habits For Reduced Carbon Footprint

Reducing your energy consumption, and therefore reducing your carbon footprint, is all about getting into good energy habits. Leaving the lights on might not seem like a big thing, but over time it can add up. With a smart meter, you can see the pounds and pence those bad habits amount to. As such, smart meters may encourage you to foster better energy habits as you can see exactly what they mean in terms of your emissions as well as your bills.

Ultimately, Smart Meters Can Save Time, Money and The Environment

Ultimately, installing a smart electricity usage meter is all about saving time, money and the environment. By automatically sending bills to your suppliers, smart meters can help you save money by eliminating estimated bills. As well as this, they will also save you significant amounts of time on the phone to suppliers when giving your readings. Through helping you foster good habits, they can also help save the environment and reduce carbon emissions!

Other Tips For Reducing Electricity Usage For Small Businesses

Smart electricity usage meters are an excellent place to start for small businesses looking to reduce their energy usage and save bills. However, there are several other methods that small businesses can use to further their energy-saving efforts. Here we take a look at just a few!

Be Aware of ‘Phantom Energy’

So-called ‘phantom energy’ is the energy that is consumed by appliances and devices that remain plugged into the mains but are on standby. You might be surprised to learn that as much as 75% of appliance energy comes from when it is switched off but left on standby. To reduce the impact of phantom energy, ensure that all appliances, machinery and devices are switched off at the plug at the end of the day; this can also extend the lifespan of machinery and devices like computers or printers.

Integrate Smart Lighting Into Your Office

Creating a more connected office using the ‘Internet of Things’ can help make your workplace more functional, but also more energy-efficient. Smart lights, for example, connect with your central hub and can be set so that they automatically come on and off at certain times of the day. This greatly reduces the risk of them being left on accidentally overnight by yourself or an employee! Many smart lights also have motion sensors so they switch on and off as people walk in and out of a room.

Install large Windows

Installing large windows in your office can help you make the best use of the sun. Allowing plenty of natural light into a room is a really simple and effective way of brightening up a room without the need for electricity. Moreover, natural sunlight is linked to better workplace productivity and a generally happier office!

Energy-Efficient Appliances

Do you still use printers, photocopiers and other similar office equipment for your day-to-day operations? If so, it’s vital to ensure that the appliances and machinery you use are as energy-efficient as possible. Investing in energy-efficient appliances can save you significant amounts of energy and money over time if you use them regularly.

For Advice On Smart Electricity Usage Meters and Much More, Contact The Energy Desk

If you’ve been looking for impartial advice on how to reduce your commercial electricity usage, look no further than The Energy Desk. We’re experts in the industry and provide a wide range of electricity services for all of our clients across the UK. Our award-winning energy management services help you ensure that your business remains compliant with regulations, is saving money on bills and being as green as possible.

Whether you require energy metering services for your business, such as advice on smart meters, or renewable energy installations, we can help. Our commercial electricity experts are on hand to provide you with the services you need now, as well as ongoing support in the future. We can help you optimise your bills, manage your energy responsibly and save money. We specialise in energy procurement as well as utility connections sourcing renewable energy.

To find out more about our services, please feel free to contact us today. You can find us at 10 Venus House, Mercury Rise, Altham Industrial Estate, Accrington, Lancashire, BB5 5BY. Alternatively, call us on 03330 151 221 or email us at

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