The Benefits of Using Heating Oil

If you are not familiar with it, using heating oil for your home may seem a little unusual and you might be uncertain of what exactly to expect. Nevertheless, plenty of homeowners are beginning to be more mindful about their energy consumption choices and take a bit more time deciding what is right for them, it’s no surprise when you discover the many benefits of switching to heating oil.

Taking this into account, heating oil (also referred to as kerosene gas oil and red diesel) provides plenty of benefits and we are going to explore them in more detail in this blog.


One of the most crucial considerations regarding using heating oil is the safety element – for you and your family. Using heating oil does not have as many dangerous implications as other gas-based heating systems. The reason for this is perhaps that heating oil isn’t explosive and is not going to burn when it is in a liquid state, unlike gas-systems which explode when they are exposed to a raw flame. Heating oil will only light when used with an oil-burner or furnace. This should hopefully give you the additional clarity that you and your family are going to be safe.


Heating oil burns at an increased temperature than natural gas, this essentially means that it is much more powerful for heating water supplies. Compared to natural gas, your heat stores are going to recover at a much faster rate, in turn, performing much more effectively than other alternatives. Essentially, a small amount of oil makes for a big amount of heat!


You are certainly going to benefit from using a regular supplier for your heating oil. There may be some consumers who are more than willing to buy from a different supplier for each delivery they order. Nevertheless, there tend to be much more benefits if you take the time to purchase your oil frequently from just one supplier. Lots of suppliers on the market will offer different payment plans to support you in managing the fees for your heating oil deliveries.

At The Energy Desk, we can assess your heating oil requirements and find the most cost-effective oil procurement deal to suit you from our suppliers. For more information or to arrange your free check please feel free to call us on 03330 151 221 or contact us via our website today. We’d be delighted to help with any enquiries you may have.

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The Benefits of Using Heating Oil