The growth of Combined Heat and Power: A Zion Market report overview

Combined Heat and Power market tipped to grow rapidly

The latest Zion Market Research report on the combined heat and power market offers up-to-date insights and future forecasts for the sector. Explaining the market by fuel, technology and end-use, the comprehensive analysis of current and future CHP covers both local and international players.

In our latest blog post, the TED team reveal the findings from the latest Zion Market Report, and provide information on how our team can equip you business with the perfect CHP solution.

The CHP market has been tipped to grow heavily in the coming years!

Along with comprehensive analyses of the major players within the CHP market, the report offers statistics that demonstrate the possible opportunities available within the market and allows users, such as business owners, to enable strategic shifts to combined heat and power suppliers to help them thrive.

Some of the major players within the market include General Electric, ABB, Bosch Thermotechnology, Caterpillar, 2G Energy and Mitsubishi, as well as many others in the local and global pool.

The Zion research report offers critical impacting factors to the current and forecasted volume and sales. Covering things such as business strategies, developments and financial overviews of the key players within the market leads to strategic predictions up until 2024.

The global Combined Heat and Power Market research report contains a full market analysis of the current size, development rate and even value chain analysis of the CHP sector. Using Porter’s five forces analysis, the report gives in-depth views into the global market. Individual region segments include: North America (United States), Europe (Germany, France, UK), Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, India), Latin America (Brazil) and The Middle East & Africa.

The findings of the report are very interesting indeed, with the global combined heat and power market forecasted to grow over $23.17 billion by 2024. These findings simply emphasise the fact that CHP is the way forward for businesses of the future.

What is CHP?

Combined power and energy is produced when a CHP plant provides power and heat at the same time. Waste heat from the production of power is used to heat water and premises in order to save energy, money and have a positive impact on the environment.

Having on-site CHP plants can save companies money while reducing carbon emissions and often offers a surprisingly positive payback period, depending on the bespoke set-up that’s right for you.

The Energy Desk offers companies a comprehensive understanding of the combined fuel and energy market along with the best possible deals. Giving you bespoke plans that offer the best value and product quality is what we do best.

We’re always happy to talk about CHP here at TED, so if there’s anything in the report that you’d like to talk over with one our experts, or if you have any questions about managing, installing or running a CHP system, you can learn more about our dedicated CHP services.

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More information on, or a copy of, the Zion Combined Heat and Power Research report can be found here: Report:

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The growth of Combined Heat and Power: A Zion Market report overview