The Triad Demand Season is Here!

The National Grid Triad demand season has now begun, so businesses that are participating in the Demand Response scheme need to be aware of communication from the National Grid that indicates when demand could be reached. Triad is the name given to periods of maximum demand from November to February, also known as ‘Triad Season’.

Get Paid For Offsetting Your Energy Usage

Businesses that can reduce their energy demand at the date and time stated could potentially reduce National Grid transmission charges, whilst being paid for offsetting their electricity usage.

Any business with a half-hourly meter can voluntarily partake in the Demand Response or Demand Balancing scheme. It involves reducing your electricity usage at times of peak demand so it can then be used to supply power elsewhere. Reduction can be achieved by switching to an alternative source of energy through the peak demand period, or simply by lowering your demand on the Grid for those times. The choice is yours – and you can opt out at any time.

In return, you’ll be able to save money on your business energy supply and costs, while reducing National Grid transmission fees too. There’s plenty more reasons why your business should choose a Demand Response incentive scheme.

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The Triad Demand Season is Here!