Top Tips for Comparing Utility Suppliers

Businesses spend a huge amount on their utility bills every year. Medium-sized businesses in the UK spend as much as £5,000 per year on their electricity costs alone. When you factor in the cost of water, gas, maintenance and repairs, the cost of all of your utilities can be staggering. That’s why it’s so important to thoroughly compare utility suppliers to find the best deals with the most comprehensive service. When there’s so much for businesses to invest in to push forward growth, it’s essential to make savings wherever possible.

With the ongoing COID-19 pandemic in mind, it’s never been more important to be lean and streamlined with costs. COVID is seriously impacting businesses across the board. With significantly less revenue for investment, reduced cash flow and wary consumers, who are less able to part with their cash, making savings has never been more important for businesses. Comparing your utility suppliers to get the best deals on your gas, electricity and water is a great way to eke out more savings. To give you a hand finding the best deals, we’ve created a brief guide on how to compare utility suppliers.

Our Tips For Comparing Utility Suppliers To Get The Best Deal

As mentioned above, getting the best deals from your utility suppliers is important to remain lean and competitive as a business. Utilities are a necessary expense, but one that most people would rather spend as little as possible on. Shaving costs mustn’t come with a significant dip in the quality of service. Below are some tips to help you find the best deal from utility suppliers for your commercial property or new build project.

How Much Experience Does The Utilities Service Have?

When choosing from utility service providers, it’s essential to keep in mind the amount of experience they have in the industry. Utility providers with more experience will often be able to provide a better range of services at a cheaper cost. As well as this, you’ll want to know that your utilities are not going to fall flat or cause downtime at your business. Extensive experience should be an indicator that the utility suppliers you’re working with are worth their salt and can provide you with consistent gas, electricity and water.

Is The Commercial Energy Energy Eco-Friendly?

It’s increasingly important to consider the environment when you are working with utility suppliers for your commercial property or new build project. When looking for utility suppliers, consider whether they have any sources of renewable energy available, like solar energy or heat source pumps. As well as this, it’s good to have transparency from your supplier about how and where they source their energy to ensure that they meet the values of your business.

Compare Utility Suppliers Quotes

Comparing quotes is the cornerstone of finding the best deals from any service provider, and utilities are no different at all. By contacting a wide range of utility suppliers and getting details information on their prices, you can ensure that you’re getting the best deals on the market. When comparing quotes, ensure you get a full spectrum of costs for a range of services and ask about any hidden costs. Once you have all of the costs available to you, you will have a better understanding of the average price on the market and what you’ll be looking at in terms of monthly costs. This is essential when trying to get the best deals from suppliers.

Find Out The Range of Services Available From The Utility Supplier

It’s all well and good finding the cheapest prices on the market by comparing quotes from an array of suppliers, but you also need to know what services are available. One utility supplier may be more expensive, but their cost could include ongoing maintenance and repair services when required. They might also include complimentary smart meters or a comprehensive price for electricity, water and gas. Without knowing the full range of services on offer, you can’t make an informed decision on how good the cost is.

Can Your Utility Supplier Supply Energy Across Numerous Regions?

If you’re a business with offices across multiple regions of the UK, or you have plans to expand to more than one region, it’s important to think about this when choosing a supplier. Your local supplier may be cheaper, but if you know that you will be opening a new office in a matter of months or years, it can be worth preparing. Some utility suppliers may be able to provide energy deals which span regions for when your operations expand. When you know that this is likely to happen in the future, choosing a supplier for more than one region can save you time and money in the long run.

Does The Utility Supplier Provide Emergency Cover?

When the worst happens and your power is cut, it’s important to know that you have a backup. Especially if your business requires a constant supply of energy to keep temperature-regulated products safe for customers, you must have provisions in place for an emergency. With that in mind, it’s worth choosing utility suppliers who have back-up plans in place for power cuts and can supply you with alternative sources of energy.

Does Your Energy Supplier Install Smart Meters?

Smart meters are gaining popularity among homeowners and business owners alike. Rather than having to provide meter readings to your supplier regularly, a smart meter will automatically update the supplier with the latest reading. This ensures that all of your meter readings are as accurate as possible. A more accurate reading means that the supplier shouldn’t have to estimate your bill and, therefore, you can save more money on your monthly costs. As well as that, you will also save valuable time with a smart meter!

Use An Energy Procurement Service To Remove The Hassle

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of finding the best utility deals, optimising your bills, providing your suppliers with meter readings and the other task associated with energy management, you can work with an energy procurement service like The Energy Desk! We will take all of the hassles from you and ensure you get the very best deals available on the market to save you valuable time, money and stress.

The Energy Desk: Comparing and Sourcing Utility Suppliers So You Don’t Have To

Here at The Green Energy Desk, we’re the experts when it comes to finding the best utility suppliers for businesses. As energy procurement professionals, specialising in gas, electricity, CHP and renewables, we can help you make the savings you need. From bill optimisation to meter reading and helping you find the best utility connections and water suppliers on the market, we provide a complete end-to-end service.

We’re an award-winning company with many years of experience under our belt and providing high-quality services to our countless commercial clients. If you need help finding the best utility connections for your business, look no further. We can also help you ensure your business is more eco-friendly. We can connect you with sources of renewable energy to help you save even more on your bills and do your bit to remain a sustainable organisation with a low carbon footprint. Whether you need utility connections for a new build project or a commercial property, we can help.

To find out more about our services, please feel free to contact us today. You can find us at 10 Venus House, Mercury Rise, Altham Industrial Estate, Accrington, Lancashire, BB5 5BY. Alternatively, call us on 03330 151 221 or email us at

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