Top tips to optimise your energy bill

Top tips to optimise your energy bill

Optimising your energy bill offers numerous advantages. You can save money, reduce energy costs and be recognised as a ‘green’ business, or individual, that cares for the welfare of the planet.

At The Energy Desk, we pride ourselves on helping commercial and domestic property owners save money on their energy bills and reducing their negative impact on the environment.

Whether you represent a small start-up business, a medium-level enterprise of a multi-national organisation, we are dedicated to optimising your energy usage through renewable energy systems. Here are just a couple of ideas that can help to reduce the amount your business spends on energy costs.

Get a quote for water in time for UK water deregulation

The upcoming 2017 water deregulation in the UK will offer domestic and commercial property owners the chance to choose their water supplier, which means that new water contracts can be arranged with immediate savings to be had. Deregulation should increase the number of suppliers and give them the incentive to reduce costs.

Here at The Energy Desk, we can arrange a free quotation for you by tendering your requirements to a number of suppliers to find you the best deal. The most immediate savings are for companies that currently spend over £10,000 annually on their water bill. Learn more about how to save money on your business water bills.

Opt for solar thermal systems

Solar thermal systems use solar panels, called collectors, that are fitted to the roof of your premises. The process of a solar thermal system is the panels on your roof absorbs heat from the sun, heating the water in the panels. The heated water is then distributed to your hot water system to meet heating and hot water requirements.

It is an efficient and cost-effective system that can save you between 50%-75% on your energy bills. The system requires little to no maintenance, will always generate heat, even in cloudy or cold conditions and is easy to install. The installation process causes minimal disruption to your day to day business and will eventually increase the value of the property.

Contact The Energy Desk for all your energy needs

The Energy Desk are dedicated to ensuring your energy bills don’t fill you with dread. We offer independent advice and support regarding which energy systems are best suited to you. We provide high-quality end to end energy management that provides results our clients are thrilled with.

Our utility bill optimisation service allow us to offer businesses bespoke packages that improve energy efficiency and reduce costs.

For more information on how The Energy Desk can help reduce your energy bills, contact our expert team online or call us directly on 01282 798 614 or 03330 151 221 .

Learn more about The Energy Desk, a leading energy broker company.

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Top tips to optimise your energy bill