The Energy Desk win two prestigious industry awards!

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We’re The Energy Desk, TED for short, and are celebrating our recent win of two prestigious industry awards. We were awarded these by The Energy and Power Awards, an organisation that recognises hard work and efficiency within the energy industry.

As a dynamic UK energy supplier, we serve businesses across the UK, providing a diligent and thorough service to our customers.

Here’s What We Do

We’re experts when it comes to renewable energy. We can save our customers up to 70% on their lighting bills and reduce their overall utility bills by as much as 40%!

As an independent firm, we work with our customers to not only advise them on reducing their costs, but also to help them implement the changes that will save them money, both in the short-term and long-term. We believe in relationship-building and this belief is evident in the way we work and collaborate with our customers.

Aside from your standard gas and electric, we offer a wide selection of energy-related services including:

  • CHP Systems
  • LED Light Installer
  • District Heating
  • ESOS
  • Bill Optimisation

What Have We Won?

The Energy and Power Awards are dedicated to helping customers choose the right energy supplier as well as bringing recognition to suppliers who go above and beyond their call of duty. The organisation rewards innovative energy companies that have a strong focus on reducing carbon emissions and providing outstanding solutions within the sector.

We have been recognised for our customer-centric approach and our continuous efforts to build meaningful relationships with our customers and stakeholders. We’ve worked tirelessly to mitigate losses derived from the recent energy price cap. We’re are always looking for new ways to keep our costs down, pleasing both our stakeholders and our clients.

We have achieved much success since our inception and have just recently been publicly recognised by being awarded:

1) Best Middle Market Energy Procurement Company 2019

2) Business Energy Solutions Advisory Of The Year 2019

Needless to say, our team are all incredibly proud of our achievements and are excited by the new opportunities they will bring for us and our clients.

The Future of TED

We’re moving forward by continuing our client and stakeholder support. We are taking a proactive approach to seeking new technologies that will help us advance our efforts in the industry. Our fantastic customer service is here to stay as we carry on supporting our clients in the volatile world of energy services, keeping them as stable and reliable as possible.

Contact The Energy Desk today!

For more information on how the TED team can help you reduce your energy costs and save thousands of pounds each year, be sure to speak to a member of our dedicated team today!

To speak directly to one of our friendly and helpful advisors, give us a call today on 03330 151 221 .

Or if you can’t speak to us over the phone right now, provide us with a few quick details and contact us online.

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The Energy Desk win two prestigious industry awards!