UK government urged to support tidal energy

UK government urged to support tidal energy

Pressure is growing on the UK government to support tidal energy with a national policy statement.

Last month, Charles Hendry, the Former Energy Minister, announced a need for a 500MW “pathfinder” project. It would aim to assess how practical it would be to generate our domestic and commercial electricity from tidal lagoons.

Renewable energy projects

The announcement comes following his own independent research into tidal energy. He suggests that tidal energy could be an effective means of producing mass electricity for the UK in the future.

Charles Hendry has also put forward that certain locations should be deemed suitable for the development of tidal energy power stations and should follow a set-up program like that of current nuclear power station start-ups.

According to Hendry, tidal lagoons would ensure the security of a reliable electricity supply and would offer a low-carbon alternative for our energy supply.

The Energy Desk and tidal energy

TED are experts in renewable technology and, although, we don’t work specifically with tidal energy, we are always keen for the government to see the benefits of investing in green technology systems, such as tidal, wind farms and commercial solar panels.

TED’s ultimate aim is to help businesses become more sustainable and efficient with whichever renewable energy system is available.

Make your business more sustainable

Whether your primary reason to make your business more sustainable is due to a desire to help the environment, or to save money on your energy bills, The Energy Desk can help.

We offer a range of renewable energy systems that will make your business more sustainable and reduce overall energy expenditure.

Discover the renewable energy funding opportunities available at TED that can help your business to become sustainable.

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UK government urged to support tidal energy