How waste to energy can benefit business

Waste to energy is the process of extracting energy from waste products such as leftover food, biological waste products and landfill rubbish. Most commonly, this process involves combustion to directly produce electricity or heat from waste, and specialist systems are required to ensure the process works efficiently. These are known as waste to energy plants.

An increasing number of businesses are choosing to use waste to energy to minimise their impact on the environment. You may have heard about the ‘Bio-Bus’ in operation in Bristol, and now the company is operating an entire fleet of buses that are running on biomethane gas, which is produced by human sewage and food waste.

Become Self-Sufficient & Reduce Costs

The Energy Desk offer 3 different types of waste to energy plant, to allow your business to take advantage of waste produced to reduce energy costs and the environmental impact of your business. Using waste to energy plants also helps your premises to become self-sufficient and less vulnerable to utility price hikes.  In the case of the Bio-Bus, there’s no need to worry about oil shortages and fuel price increases!

The threat of climate change and global warming is putting immense pressure on governments to act, so businesses that embrace renewable energy now are likely to be protected against future fines or legislation that could be implemented to force businesses to adopt a greener source of energy. There are plenty more advantages when it comes to making your business self sufficient, find out more about waste to energy systems.

Embrace Waste to Energy with TED

If you would like to know more about how your business can incorporate a waste to energy plant, or learn more about the benefits of waste to energy for your business, book a free online feasibility study with one of our energy specialists or call 0845 838 9830 to talk to a member of our team.

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How waste to energy can benefit business