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As of April 2017 water will become de-regulated in England. This means that businesses can take advantage of choosing the best provider to suit them, and TED is here to help.
The Energy Desk can provide your business with a water audit, helping you to cut the costs and improve your efficiency.

Water auditing services

Following the enforcement of water de-regulation in April, water companies will be able to provide businesses with offers, deals and better prices making savings even more significant to businesses. Therefore, it is crucial to prepare for the change with a water audit. Water audits allow us to gain a deeper understanding of your water usage, and put plans in place to identify how much money you could save.
Our specialist team offers a health check by examining your water invoices and tariffs to identify if you have been over-paying for the water services you have received. TED’s team of energy experts then investigates your water supply points to ensure maximum efficiency. They will also take a look at all other water usage areas such as swimming pools and cooling towers to analyse water wastage points.

Following our initial site check, The Energy Desk will offer you guidance and solutions to your water waste problem, potentially saving you thousands over the coming years. TED can provide valuable advice to businesses concerning the imminent water deregulation in England.


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Ensure that you are ready for the water de-regulation this April with the help from TED. Contact our energy-saving specialists for advice on your consumption or to book a water audit today. we will get back to you as soon as possible when you Contact us online.

Alternatively, you can speak to a member of our customer services team by giving us a call on 03330 151 221 .

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Water Audits from Ted