Water deregulation in England: The Facts

Water deregulation in England: The Facts

2017 will see England follow in the footsteps of Scotland and introduce a deregulated water market.

Scotland has had deregulated water since 2008 which has been regarded as a success, with many businesses making savings on their utility bills. Scottish companies have been impressed with an improved customer service and water delivery.

But, at the start of 2017, what can we expect from water deregulation here in England? What will change in terms of our water consumption and how can we help here at The Energy Desk (TED)?

Switch your water supplier and save money

As experts in the energy market, TED would like to share some important facts about water deregulation in England to help our customers throughout the upcoming year.

Water deregulation in England gives businesses the opportunity to switch the water supplier they use. This means that, similarly to your gas and electric provision, you will have a clear choice about where your water supply comes from.

If you have a business in England (but not Wales), you will be able to change your water supplier to find the best deal to suit you.

Perhaps you will opt for a less expensive water supplier, or choose a water supplier from a different location. Ultimately, you can do your research on suppliers that operate in your area and choose the one which best meets your needs.

It is expected that businesses will be able to make huge savings on their water bills. This is, in part, due to the fact that water suppliers will have more incentive to be competitive with one another. They’ll need to make offers that are attractive to consumers and show them how they can save money by choosing their supply.

How can TED help your business?

Once water deregulation in England has taken place in April 2017, TED will be able to help both small and large businesses make significant savings on their water supply. Take advantage of water deregulation in England.

Find out more about water procurement services with TED.

We can arrange a new contract with any one of the 21 water wholesalers in England, with the aim to save you money and receive an excellent service.

Contact The Energy Desk

If you have any questions about water deregulation in England, or are thinking about changing your water supplier in 2017, then why not contact us at TED.

We can’t change your water supplier until deregulation has occurred but we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Alternatively, you can speak to an expert member of the TED team directly by calling us on 03330 151 221  or 01282 798 614.

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Water deregulation in England: The Facts