Welcome to TED Green

The Energy Desk are proud and pleased to announce our dedicated arena for Green energy, TED Green.

Due to growing demand from our customers for green services, we feel now is the time for The Energy Desk to offer an area that solely focused on green technologies, finance, energy monitoring and energy reduction.

From speaking to our own customer base – be it energy managers, business owners or trustees  – we understand that for many companies, implementing technologies can be a daunting challenge and a potential minefield, especially with so many different types of green tech now available and often the capital required.

Making Renewable Technology Simple

We want to break down the barriers and ensure green technology or services are explained simply and are easily available to all.

For these reasons our team of experts endeavours to help answer questions such as:

  • Which technologies best suit my organisation?
  • How can I finance technology? Are grants or private funding available?
  • Can I really trust this technology?
  • How much can I save?

Not only will we offer general advice but, in line with our big sister The Energy Desk, to answer the questions above we will be offering a range of no obligation consultations, savings reports and general support to those who want the facts and figures.

Independent Impartial Renewable Energy Advice

As ever making sure you get the best advice, TED Green will provide an independent approach when recommending services.

To date we have implemented technologies such as biomass, CHP and lighting for many hotel chains, public trusts, and care homes. So although the section TED Green is new, our company The Energy Desk has plenty of experience in delivery.

Our aim is to help companies monitor, manage and reduce energy consumption whilst, most importantly, reducing our customer’s costs.

Once again we welcome you to TED Green, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Monitor your energy consumption and bills live, with Ted tech...

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Welcome to TED Green