What Are Smart Meters and Do I Need One?

Smart meters have been around for a while now, but not everyone in the UK has one. These meters are designed to measure your gas and electric use and have been used to replace many of the older meters that are still around.

Why Is the Meter Smart?

Unlike the older meters, smart meters provide you with a display in your home where you can view exactly how much gas and electricity you’re using. This allows you to take steps to reduce your bills and save money. Not only is this good for your bank account, but it’s also helpful to the environment and will encourage people to make greener choices.

The Benefits of a Smart Meter

Previously, energy bills were based on estimated billing, which could sometimes end up being far more than you actually used. Smart meters eliminate this possibility and let you pay for only what you use in energy.

These meters are also designed to offer more tariffs, so you can plan your energy use around these and bring down your costs even more. Certain times will be cheaper, such as when there is more wind or solar energy available.

In addition, if you are using prepaid energy, you can see your balance at any point, so you know when it’s running low. There will be no more surprises and you can also set up the meter to top up automatically. This eliminates the problem of losing power if you can’t get to a shop or if it happens at the night.

Is the Smart Meter Mandatory?

The short answer is that the smart meter is not mandatory and you don’t have to accept the installation. If you’re not sure at the moment if you want one, you can always put off the installation, as well. There are some downsides to not using a smart meter, however.

With the smart option, you can immediately see all the different tariffs and this will help you make decisions that can save money. With an older meter, you won’t necessarily have access to these tariffs.

Your energy supplier will offer the installation of your meter and if your old meter is not up to standard or is not accurate, a smart meter will most likely be installed.

While you don’t have to install a smart meter, it does come with a lot of benefits and should certainly be considered. You’ll end up saving money and helping the environment all in one go.

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What Are Smart Meters and Do I Need One?