What Exactly Is a Water Source Heat Pump?

If your home or office is located near a lake, river or stream, you could be using this natural resource as a method of heating! With a water source heat pump, you can heat your home or office using only natural resources; here we take a more detailed look at what they are and their benefits.

What Is a Water Source Heat Pump

Much like air source and ground source heat pumps, a water source heat pump extracts heat from an external source and uses it to heat the inside of a property. A water source heat pump does this by extracting heat from a nearby body of water. Water source heat pumps extract the heat in one of two ways. The first method of heat extraction is  achieved by pumping the water through the heat pump and circulating it around the home. The second method of heat extraction is achieved by placing pipework into the water which is filled with refrigeration fluid. This fluid is heated via the heat from the water and then circulated around the building.

What Are The Benefits of Water Source Heat Pumps?


Water source heat pumps are one of the most energy-efficient sources of renewable energy. For every one unit of electricity used in the system, water source heat pumps will produce five units of heat for a home or office.


As these systems are so energy efficient, they are also environmentally-friendly. They use little electricity to operate and, therefore, have a low carbon footprint.

Using Nearby Nature For Energy

Water source heat pumps use the power of nature. Working in tandem with the natural heat from water, these pumps do not interfere with habitats and make the best use of the natural resources available.

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What Exactly Is a Water Source Heat Pump?