What is a Biomass Boiler and Why Should I Get One For My Business?

Biomass boilers are similar to conventional gas boilers in the sense that they provide you with space heating and hot water for a building. However, instead of using gas or oil to produce heat, biomass boilers instead combust wood pellets, chips or logs.

Burning wood to produce heat is a sustainable way to heat a building and is more environmentally-friendly than other traditional methods, such as gas or oil which have a huge impact on the environment.

Here are some reasons why you should consider investing in a biomass boiler for your business:

Environmentally friendly

Biomass is an environmentally friendly source of energy and is considered a renewable source, simply because it can be obtained quickly by replacing or growing new plants and trees. Coal needs longer than a whole lifetime to re-generate; however, as long as trees are planted and growing, there will always be fuel for a biomass boiler.


Biomass boilers are a cost-effective way to heat a building; biomass is cheaper per kW when compared with other fuels such as oil, and it costs less than gas too. Biomass energy is also a practical and effective way to dispose of waste wood.

In addition, prices of traditional fuels like oil and gas are steadily increasing and it’s expected prices will only continue to rise. Biomass has much more stable prices so you won’t suddenly find the cost of your energy bills rising.

Carbon neutral

Biomass is considered a carbon-neutral form of energy, making it an ideal solution for businesses. This is because the same amount of carbon dioxide that is released into the atmosphere during the burning process is later re-absorbed by growing plants, making it a carbon neutral option. However, gas and oil boilers increase the levels of carbon in the atmosphere which has a detrimental effect on the environment.

Renewable Heat Incentive scheme

Biomass boilers qualify for the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme (RHI), so you can qualify for periodical payments over several years. This means you’ll receive payments from the government for installing a biomass boiler, helping you repay your initial investment in a shorter time.

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What is a Biomass Boiler and Why Should I Get One For My Business?