What Is a Ground Source Heat Pump and What Are The Benefits?

A ground source heat pump is a source of environmentally-friendly energy which uses the heat underneath the ground to warm the home. In simple terms, these systems pump water down into the earth through pipes and use the natural heat of the ground to heat the water before pumping it back into your home or commercial property. Here, we provide just some of the benefits associated with installing a ground source heat pump.

Ground Source Heat Pumps Provide Renewable, Clean Energy

First and foremost, ground source heat pumps are an environmentally friendly alternative to other sources of energy. Although not perfect or completely clean, ground source heat pumps are much better for the environment in comparison to standard boilers. The energy they provide is also highly efficient!

These Systems Require Little Maintenance Once Installed

Although ground source heat pumps can be a little bit expensive to install, once they have been installed, they are easy to maintain. You’ll hardly have to do anything and you’ll have a consistent and reliable source of energy for your home or business.

Ground Source Heat Pumps Can Save You Money On Your Bills

As ground source energy pumps are energy efficient, once installed, they can begin to save you plenty of money on your annual bills. Switching from an electric heating system to a ground source heat pump system can save you around £500 a year! Moreover, you may also be able to claim payments from the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme as well!

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What Is a Ground Source Heat Pump and What Are The Benefits?