What is CHP?

Here at the Energy Desk we are committed to bringing you affordable, efficient energy deals whilst ensuring that you get the latest technology when it comes to power. Combined Heat and Power (cogeneration) is quickly becoming recognised as a cheaper yet cleaner alternative to biogases and fuels, and with help from TED, your business could benefit.

How Does CHP Work?

Combined Heat and Power solutions work by using a single fuel source to generate electricity on-site which, in turn, creates heat energy. The heat energy is captured and can be transferred to provide thermal energy for heating or cooling across your business. The single fuel source can include natural gas and waste heat, meaning that powering your company with CHP could reduce carbon emissions by around 20%! TED are always enthusiastic about energy solutions that aren’t as harmful to the environment, and with cogeneration no power that is generated goes to waste with both electricity and heat being created at the same source.

CHP Offerings with TED

The Energy Desk can help you install this innovative system on-site at your business’ location as our team have been given private funding for CHP, so that we can help businesses like yours. With no cost to you, not only will TED install and maintain the CHP, but we will also pay for the proportion of the gas that is consumed by the CHP installation. Payment would only begin to apply when you buy the electricity and heat produced at the site, with a guaranteed 15% discount. The Energy Desk have worked with major companies such as Hampton by Hilton, Holiday Inn and Best Western to provide them with CHP solutions.
The initial energy audit is also completely free of charge, so you can decide whether a CHP solution is the best route for your business’ energy. However, if your business has a consistent demand for thermal energy and electricity, we recommend installing a Combined Heat and Power solution.


Hotels have a large task generating enough power to run a kitchen, reception and hundreds of rooms on a daily basis. Having a CHP system installed could help your hotel not only become more energy efficient and green but can potentially save you hundreds of pounds! If a hotel’s large cogeneration installation produces excess power, it can even be hooked up to the National Grid and sold back to them. See how TED can help your hotel reduce costs with CHP.

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If you would like to know more about Combined Heat and Power solutions for your business, or need any advice from TED regarding CHP, get in touch with our expert team today who will be happy to guide you to the best deals or answer any questions you may have. Call The Energy Desk on 03330 151 221  or contact us online and we will get back to you at your convenience.

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What is CHP?