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Reduce Agricultural Energy Bills

Reduce Agricultural Energy Bills

We are an end-to-end energy management company with a commitment to helping agricultural premises and farms reduce their energy bills. Rural locations can present difficulties when it comes to high or persistent energy demand, which is why many choose to become self-sufficient with oil or LPG energy systems. However these can still present problems when it comes to deliveries.

TED specialise in energy procurement and management. We can analyse your current energy usage and see if switching supplier or even implementing alternative technology will save you money. Many farms and agricultural sites use biomass boilers to meet their energy requirements and we can see how biomass would benefit you.

We also have links with national LPG and oil suppliers and we can arrange regular, one-off and emergency fuel deliveries to meet your requirements.

See How TED Can Help Lower Your Agricultural Energy Bills

We offer free energy health checks which will analyse your current energy usage and costs. We will then investigate other suppliers and technologies to see if these will help reduce your energy usage and costs. There’s no obligation – we let the figures speak for themselves!

Agricultural Case Study

“On having to uprate our electricity supply to our processing facilities, change supplier and install a new metering service, (an undertaking that filled me with dread !) That was until the The Energy Desk were approached.

I feel confident in recommending Luther and the team at The Energy Desk. They are not only thorough but also easy to work with and always willing to take the time to discuss my concerns and respond to my questions.”

Harvey  Page, A.W.Page & Co. (Seeds) Ltd.

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Reduce Agricultural Energy Bills
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