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Why Use the Energy Desk for Your Energy Management ?

Here at the Energy desk we pride ourselves on being an End to End Energy Management company who are platinum accredited by all UK and ROI energy suppliers. Unlike most other companies we are completely impartial and boast no allegiance to one sole supplier, meaning we find you the most competitive deals on the market and deals best suited to you.

Dedicated Energy professionals Working for You

Not only can our independent advice enhance your business and cut your costs dramatically, our handpicked experts have many years experience in all aspects of the energy industry especially the ever growing Renewable Energy industry. We encourage our employees to take part in various training programs and seminars, building a highly professional and friendly atmosphere for our employees to perform, thrive and excel in is important to us and that’s why we attract and retain the best talent.

Over the past year we have accumulated over £1.5 billion of spending power seeing us establish a more than reliable reputation with all suppliers. Our spending power allows us to get the best prices possible through energy procurement, and allows us to maintain our competitive edge in the market alongside our impartial attitude when it comes to contacting suppliers. When you use TED’s Services everything is managed from start to finish making securing your energy requirements as stress free as possible while also ensuring complete transparency throughout the whole process. That’s just one of the perks of choosing an end to end energy management company who are also Diamond Ambassadors of the East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce. Learn more about the range of services we offer small and large businesses seeking water, gas and electricity energy procurement.

Speak to The End to End Energy Management Company Today!

No matter what aspect of energy it is, after all, we are an End to End Energy Management Company! For all your energy management requirements contact us now on 0845 838 9830


Contact The Energy Desk on 0845 838 9830 today or fill in our online contact form and a member of staff will be in touch

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