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Our Ethos

Who are The Energy Desk?

The Energy Desk (TED) are an energy service provider to all sectors of business in the UK & ROI. TED, who are responsible energy consultants, act as the impartial source of key information and are available to give a cost on energy, business solutions, renewable resources and technology. We trade with many suppliers, including the big 6 in procurement and renewable energy.

TED is a responsible business energy provider, who act as an intermediary between an energy consumer and an energy supplier. The Energy Desk believes that in development of new products and services, our customers should benefit from the latest technology and cost reductions to meet their energy commitment needs.

What do the TED consultants do?

As a trusted business energy consultant, The Energy Desk will help offer businesses guidance through the energy market’s varied complexities, explain complicated billing issues, assist with negotiations and manage contracts. TED can advise customers with financial difficulties in making the best possible use of the wider market. We strive on building a trusted relationship with our customers and suppliers to provide a solution which manages all aspects of their energy requirements from our wide range of commercial energy services.

How are consultants like TED paid?

There are various ways a consultant like The Energy Desk can get paid; in most cases we receive commission from the energy supplier. In general, TED works on a brokerage basis, focused on finding the best deal for our customers. Find out how TED can provide an alternative solution with utility connections for new builds.

What does the Energy Desk do?

Via the sourcing of various prices and products, The Energy Desk can provide a tailor-made solution for your specific requirements. Although it is commonplace for customers to be restricted to standard or renewal pricing, TED have access to prices categorically designed for the energy broker market. Furthermore, the fact that we have no ties to any specific suppliers allows us to act with complete independence and impartiality.

After we have liaised with you to agree upon a suitable product, we will provide all necessary and relevant information to the chosen supplier, and survey the status of the new agreement. Health checking your current energy systems to recommend saving solutions which are not only compliant, but will reduce your energy costs overall.  With TED being fully FCA accredited we can provide fully or partially funded energy solutions tailor made for your business.

The Energy Desk always bid to operate in a spirit of trust, mutual co-operation and understanding with each and every customer and partner we work alongside.

Direct Code of Practice

The Energy Desk are an ethical company who adhere to the direct code of practice. If you would like to know more about how TED operates alongside the CoP, please visit the direct code of practice website for more information.

The Energy Desk’s responsibility to the Data Protection Act

The Energy Desk is compliant with the The Data Protection Act 1998 when collecting data and information from customers, respecting the client’s right to privacy and consent when sharing data. Information is collected and is only used for the energy services stated to be provided by The Energy Desk. To find out the extent of how we protect the data of our clients, please call The Energy Desk on 08458 389 830.


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