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Reduce Commercial Water Bills in Scotland

The Energy Desk can arrange a free quotation for your business by tendering your requirements to a number of suppliers to find you the best deal.

The average saving for a company that hasn’t switched is over 15%, while those that have changed can still expect to save an average of 10%!


The Energy Desk can quote for any size business; however, we have found the most immediate savings are for companies that spend over £10,000 annually on their water supply.


The Energy Desk provide a range of water services including water procurement, water audits, bill validations and tariff optimisation. We can ensure that your business is only paying for the water it uses and isn’t overspending.


Our team will provide you with a dedicated account manager to ensure a smooth and quick transition whilst offering support throughout the contract term. All we need you to provide is your unique SPID number on your bill and a letter of authority.

Our service is completely free to all customers and, along with the water supply, The Energy Desk will also offer a free health check on gas and electricity to identify further savings that can be achieved.

Questions about Water Procurement? Just ask TED!

Why Should My Business Switch Water Suppliers?

With The Energy Desk, Scottish businesses can easily switch water suppliers to save costs! Our range of water services only charge for the water you use, to stop you from overspending on unnecessary water usage. Our free quotation can find you the best deal.

What does deregulation mean?

Deregulation is a term for when the government reduces restrictions in certain industries. As for water deregulation, this means that the UK’s water market now has competition because businesses now have the freedom to choose their water provider.

When did the water market open in Scotland?

In 2008 the Scottish Market was opened, and it became home to the worlds very first competitive water market. This has allowed lower bills for organisations in public and private sectors.


To find out how much you could save, get in touch with an expert member of The Energy Desk team today. Contact us online or give us a call on 03330 151 221 or 01282 798 614 to discuss your water supply.

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