Scotland Water Facts

Scotland was the first country in the world to introduce competition to the non-domestic water market.

Businesses in Scotland have been able to shop around for the cheapest water supplier since the market was deregulated in 2008 and competition is set to be introduced in the rest of the UK in 2017. It’s estimated that over 50% of the Scottish business have not changed water suppliers – potentially missing out on huge savings.

Why You Should Switch Water Supplier with TED

  • Switching water suppliers in Scotland generally has typical savings of 18%
  • No interruption to supply is necessary – water will come through the same network
  • It’s fast, free and easy to see if you can save money by switching water suppliers
  • TED can manage and negotiate water reduction on your behalf. We have account managers all around Scotland if a site visit is required, however in most cases everything can be done by email and over the phone

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All we need is your SPID number and a Letter of Authority to see if switching water suppliers in Scotland can save you money. Find out more how your business in scotland can save money on their Scotland water services.

We’ll also carry out a free check on your gas and electricity bills to see if you could achieve savings by switching suppliers for those too! There is no obligation to agree to any of our quotes – the figures speak for themselves. For more information please call 08458 389 830.

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Scotland Water Facts