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Feasibility Study

Unsure which technologies are available and which would be right for your company?
Looking to be “green” but unsure of how to fund a project?

Ask for a Free Feasibility Study today.

The Energy Desk offers completely impartial advice on all the latest technology and available brands. We are independent meaning we only have one thing in mind: our customer’s best interests.

Without an engineer’s audit you can never tell the exact benefits of most technologies to meet your energy needs. With so many factors to take into account, such as the age and structure of your premises and the different fuel types used, it is incredibly difficult to ascertain the benefits yourself without expert help.

What is a Green Review?

During the Green Review process we will look at your businesses solar technology, CHP systems, biomass boilers, LED lighting, waste to energy and more. No matter the size of your business, or whether you have a small budget for energy technology or even no budget at all, The Energy Desk can show your company how much you could save and even create revenue for your business. We can show how different renewable energy technologies can work for your company and how The Energy Desk can implement them at no cost at all, making instant savings.

Expert Energy Advice

TED’s energy experts are on hand to help! They can talk you through the technology pros and cons and, with a little bit of information from you, TED can provide a free no obligation feasibility study which will outline the saving /income stream that can be created for a range of technologies including BIOMASS, CHPs & SOLAR. We can also provide details on funding options if requested.

Each solution is very much bespoke and assessed on a case by case basis, so see how much you could save and call 08458 389 830 to book your free feasibility study today!

Book your Free Feasibility Study Online!

While we are conducting the feasibility study you can also opt in to our ‘free health check,’ which reviews your current energy contracts to identify potential savings that can be made and any areas where you may be paying excessive charges.

For more information about our free feasibility study or health check please call 08458 830 389

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