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Green energy procurement for your business

Green energy procurement for your business

The Energy Desk specialise in selecting, implementing and fuelling the right renewable energy systems for businesses. We offer comprehensive end to end green energy services for businesses that vary in size, scale and sector. If your organisation has made the decision to implement green technologies and reduce carbon emissions then The Energy Desk can help.

We aim to help businesses monitor and manage their new green energy systems and our green energy procurement services can ensure your systems are kept fueled and running at peak performance.

Green Energy Procurement

One of our most effective and popular green energy systems is innovative biomass technology. Not only will a new biomass system reduce your heating costs, but it could also generate extra revenue for your business. Our energy consultants carry out a free audit of your business to establish exactly which biomass system would best suit your specific needs and circumstances.

Once your biomass systems has been installed and implemented, The Energy Desk offers a green procurement service to ensure that your business never runs out of energy. Our network of biomass fuel suppliers allows us to guarantee a delivery service that matches the requirements of your energy consumption. Our services are affordable, no matter if you need a one off delivery or a regular supply.

The Energy Desk can supply both wood pellets and biomass chips to ensure your system is working as it should be. The pellets we supply are compliant with all EU standards and are as efficient as possible. We are able to offer competitive, affordable prices as we negotiate on your behalf, often with local, convenient suppliers.

Renewable Energy Procurement

The Energy Desk specialise in identifying green energy requirements and helping to fund, install and monitor all renewable energy systems that we provide for businesses. For all of your commercial biomass requirements of for information on our green energy procurement services, contact The Energy Desk online now.

To speak to an expert member of our team directly you can call 0845 838 9830.

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