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Electricity Usage DC/DA Metering Services

With our Data Collection and Aggregation (DC/DA) service you could get a clearer and more accurate understanding of how much energy your business uses, and help identify whether you could make significant energy savings and carbon reductions.

Good quality data is essential for managing your energy consumption and ensuring that you only pay for what you use. We can provide you with high quality data because we operate the complete metering, collection and aggregation process on your behalf as an integrated service, helping to maximise accuracy and minimise the risk of data issues affecting your supply bill.

TED’s robust, secure and advanced suite of data services not only ensures accurate billing, but also provides invaluable up-to-date information for effective energy management.

We understand that in today’s climate, organisations don’t just have to take good care of their cash flow: they also have a duty to reduce their impact on the environment. This cannot be achieved without access to comprehensive energy consumption data.


We proudly work in partnership with one of only a few companies in the UK to be fully qualified as a MOP and have the ability to perform NHH and HH DC/DA.

We are able to process the remotely retrieved meter readings and send the validated data to the supplier, this is to allow efficient as well as accurate energy bills and make sure that the data is settled and in keeping with set-out industry procedures.

With this in mind, don’t settle for any less. If you would like to benefit from the high-standard data collection and aggregation services that we offer at The Energy Desk, all you need to do is contact our team on 08458 389 830. We can guide you through the process of energy consumption data and what you need to know in regards to reducing energy consumption and plenty more.

Questions about Data Collection & Aggregation (DC/DA)?
Who needs a DC?

All half hourly metering supplies need a DC, if you do not have one in place, your energy supplier will apply a default DC.

Why do I need a DC?

The DC is responsible for the collection and processing of your electricity data, whilst transferring it across to your DA and electricity supplier.

Who needs a DA?

All half hourly supplies require a DA. It is a mandatory to have a DA for your electricity supply, however, your energy supplier may not provide one. Therefore, if you don’t have your own DA set up, a default DA will be given to you.

Why do I need a DA?

The DA is responsible for the aggregation of your metered data in accordance with industry standards.

What does TED’s DC/DA service guarantee?

A Clearer and more accurate understanding of how much energy your business uses.

Why is this data so important for saving my business money?

Good quality data is essential for not only managing your energy consumption, but also for ensuring that you only pay for what you use.

How can my business benefit from using DC/DA service?

The Energy Desk can help identify whether you could make significant energy savings and carbon reductions.


You may be aware that Data Collection and Data Aggregation (DC/DA) charges – sometimes referred to as settlement charges – form part of your half-hourly electricity supply bill.

These costs vary from supplier to supplier and are usually between £200 to £350 per annum. The DC/DA will be chosen and appointed by your electricity supplier unless you instruct them of your chosen provider.

Many organisations are not aware that it is possible to choose your own DC/DA and depending on current arrangements can save between 10 and 50% on the cost of this service.


The Data Collector (DC) is an organisation accredited to carry out Data Collection for half-hourly metering systems. The DC is appointed by the Supplier to retrieve and validate metering data and forward it to the Data Aggregator. The DC may be appointed by the customer but must always be accredited and contracted to the customer’s Supplier.

The Data Aggregator (DA) is an organisation accredited to carry out Data Aggregation for half-hourly metering data. The DA is appointed by the Supplier to aggregate consumption from half-hourly Data Collector(s) so that this can be validated and used for billing.
Usually the data collector and data aggregator are the same company but this is not essential.


There are a number of benefits of choosing your own DC or DA:

  • Lower cost (up to 50% saving)
  • Access to ‘day plus one’ data via online energy monitoring system
  • Raw half-hourly data to support Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme (CRC-EES)
  • Graphical analysis of half-hourly data for energy management information at additional cost
  • 5 year contract with competition clause after year 3
  • Continuity of data and service provider even if you change energy supplier


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If you are actively on the lookout for a reliable energy management solution that could potentially shave substantial amounts off your annual energy bills, then get in touch with the experts here at TED today! For more information about DC/DA services from The Energy Desk, please click on the red button found below, or call our dedicated team on 08458 389 830.

Furthermore, in addition to our unrivalled data collection and aggregation services, TED also provide a complete range of new connection services.