How Biomass can benefit the Hospitality Industry

Wood is the oldest fuel used by mankind; historically wood had been used as a major energy source across the globe but recently has become neglected owing to the increased popularity of fossil fuels. However, the harmful impact on the environment from burning fossil fuels, coupled with the decrease in supply, has resulted in many large energy users in the hospitality industry looking at more cost effective and renewable options, such as biomass energy solutions.

The term biomass encompasses a variety of technologies and fuel types that can be used to produce renewable energy. These non-fossil, renewable carbon resources can be land or water-based vegetation and organic waste, which can be produced and used as a substitute for fossil fuels.

Advantages of Biomass

Biomass is a fast-growing industry and has endless advantages. For example, as biomass is generated from organic material, these products can potentially be in endless supply and reduce our current dependency on fossil fuels which are non-renewable and of limited supply.

Another huge advantage is not only the savings and reduction of utility bills, but also the potential to gain back money on your investment, via government-backed schemes like RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive). This incentive allows organisations within the hospitality industry to gain money back to cover the costs of boiler installation, fuel costs and up to an additional subsidy payable over 20 years. One hotel that we worked with had to pay £218,625.00 for the installation and core components of the system. It would take an estimated 4.5 years payback period, with all additional revenue earned as subsidiary. This hotel saved £1,733,670.20 over 20 years, making their total profit £1,515,045.20. If you would like to read more about TED’s fantastic work in reducing companies’ energy bills, visit our case studies page. In many cases, The Energy Desk can also offer full or partial biomass energy funding to cover the cost of installation.

Disadvantages of Biomass

The only current downside lies in the installation costs and storage space. As biomass systems are large and require enough space to store a month’s worth of fuel, a lot of space is needed in comparison with a regular boiler. However, here at TED, our experts are on hand to find solutions to storage issues. For example, one of our largest hotels had one site with little outdoor space. TED managed to find them a vacant building nearby, which the hotel was able to rent as a space for the boiler and storage for fuel! Learn more about our Commercial Biomass Heating Solutions today.

Contact Us for Biomass Energy Solutions

The Energy Desk is already working in partnership with many hotels and businesses within the hospitality industry to reduce heating costs. We have experts on hand every day to speak directly with businesses looking to reduce both costs and their carbon footprint. If you would like to speak to a biomass expert, call one of our team on 0845 838 9830 or email us at Alternatively, you can book your Free Feasibility Study Online.

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How Biomass can benefit the Hospitality Industry