How Biomass Heating Solutions Can Reduce Commercial Energy Bills

Biomass is the environmentally friendly form of energy that is taking the commercial market by storm. A cost-effective, low carbon energy source, biomass is a fantastic choice for businesses that want to reduce their environmental impact while lowering energy costs at the same time.

How can biomass save your business money?

Biomass heating solutions such as biomass boilers operate at an incredibly high efficiency (typically above 80 percent) which means you’re getting significantly more power for your money. As a result, almost all the money you spend on fuel is being directly poured into your business rather than a large portion being wasted on inefficiency.

Biomass fuel is cheaper to buy, especially in bulk, and over time these financial gains can be used to fund other aspects of your business or retained for a greater profit margin.

Government schemes such as the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) provide a guaranteed revenue stream for 7 years. Businesses with a biomass boiler that complies with the RHI can enjoy a set price per kW/h used, so effectively you’re being paid simply for using biomass energy!

Multi-fuel biomass boilers

The type of fuel that is most appropriate for your business requirements and the availability of biomass fuel in your local area can influence the type of biomass boiler that is most suitable for your premises. Certain biomass boilers are designed to work with different types of fuel – for example pellets and logs or pellets and chips – so it is well worth investigating the different options available to ensure your investment in a commercial biomass heating system is as effective as possible.

Talk to the Commercial Biomass Heating Specialists

At The Energy Desk we are passionate about helping businesses reduce their energy bills and environmental impact. We are biomass specialists and work with some of the UK’s biggest suppliers to ensure we meet the high standards of service found in our quality commercial biomass heating systems.

If you would like to know more about how a commercial biomass heating system can reduce your business energy bills please call our team on 0845 838 9830.

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How Biomass Heating Solutions Can Reduce Commercial Energy Bills