Make biomass energy your prime-time winter solution

wood fuelWith winter fast approaching, have you taken all the necessary steps to ensure you’re saving money and energy during our calendar’s most testing period weather-wise? If you are yet to invest in a biomass boiler or biomass CHP services, the answer to that question is probably no.

No better time to save money with a biomass boiler

Put simply, buying into biomass energy solutions will save you money, particularly during, but not limited to in light of the unpredictable UK weather climate, the cold winter months. Promising a standout reduction in heating costs, TED’s biomass boilers will convert up to 96% of their garnered energy into usable heat, whilst the potential to locally source fuel (wood) guarantees low running costs too. Your business could receive a healthy income via the Commercial Renewable Heat Incentive as well, which will in some cases offset your heating outgoings in total. Find out more about securing Commercial RHI for your business.

Biomass CHP systems offer all-year-round savings

The most viable solution for buildings requiring constant heating and electricity streams, biomass CHP systems are particularly popular with clientele such as hospitals and leisure centres. Extremely high overall efficiency levels ensure that the financial rewards from utilising CHP services are obvious, whilst potential government schemes and the possibility of grant awards make them yet more glaring. For further information about how biomass CHP systems can benefit your business and find out exactly how much energy and money you can save, please capitalise on TED’s offer of a free health check.

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Make biomass energy your prime-time winter solution