TED’s Top Tips: Reducing Business Energy Bills


Here at The Energy Desk we have spent many years establishing relations and communicating with some of the biggest energy providers in the UK and consider ourselves one of the best end to end energy management companies in the country. We have brokered energy contracts for some of the biggest firms in the UK and Northern Ireland; at TED we strongly believe in securing the best deals for companies of all sizes in what we consider a volatile but exciting market. So, here is why you should be considering your next business energy contract immediately!

Save Money on Your Energy Bills with TED’s Top Tips

 1) Automatic Contract Renewals Cost More

Arguably one of the most important reasons, failing to renew your existing energy contract can result in your business becoming locked into what we call ‘out of contract tariffs’ which could see your company paying more than double the standard rates.  This is without doubt a huge problem and can see your business suffer at the hands of uncompetitive rates which ultimately affects your business’ profits and maximises costs.

2) Is Your Business Expanding?

As your business grows, so will your energy consumption and the number of eyes on your business activities. Corporate Social Responsibility can play a major part in whether other businesses will associate themselves – and ultimately do business – with your firm. Maybe it’s time to seek an alternative form of energy such as biomass; not only to cut your costs by receiving government funding – but to reduce energy costs and appeal to a wider audience of potential customers who are conscious of the environment.

3) Timing is Crucial

Due to the nature of the energy market fluctuations in prices are a daily occurrence, which makes timing a key factor in getting the best deals. Leaving it last minute to secure a new energy contract can massively restrict your options as you will find yourself confined to paying the going rate for the energy you require at that time. Here at The Energy Desk our continuous analysis of the volatile energy market allows us to get the best deals for your business and lock you into a contract when prices are at their lowest.

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TED’s Top Tips: Reducing Business Energy Bills