Water Deregulation in the UK: What do you need to know?

In April 2017, UK water de-regulation has been scheduled in the UK.

In April 2017, UK water de-regulation has been scheduled in the UK. But what does this mean for you as a consumer? Ultimately, it means that non-domestic users will be able to choose their water suppliers for the first time. Because the whole of the water market will be opened up to businesses in England, companies will have complete choice over their water supplier.

England Join The Open Water Market

England are therefore following in the footsteps of Scotland, who have had a de-regulated water market since 2008. You may be interested to know that, in fact, Scotland was the first country in the world to have a de-regulated water market at all.

What’s more, since then, Scotland has seen significant improvements in the water market, including efficiency and customer service. Therefore, having a de-regulated water market put in place in April 2017 looks set to be really exciting for England. In particular, for businesses in these countries.

Our leading energy management company can offer a quote for businesses who use 5000 or more litres of water annually, so perhaps, in 2017, we can provide an efficient, cost-effective water supply for your business.

Get A Free Quote from Commercial Water Suppliers

The Energy Desk can arrange a free water quotation for your business by tendering your requirements to a number of suppliers to find you the best deal. Whilst initial savings may not be massive, Scotland’s example dictates that savings can grow year upon year.

What’s more, we can quote for any size business, but have found the most immediate savings are usually for companies that spend over £10,000 on water a year.

Why choose The Energy Desk for your water supply?

Not only will our team provide you with a dedicated account manager to ensure a smooth and quick transition (whilst providing support throughout the contract), this service is completely free to all customers.



Also, in addition to your water supply, The Energy Desk will also offer you a free health check on gas and electricity to see if we can help you make any further savings.

Find out more about Water Deregulation in the UK

If you are thinking about changing your water supplier, or would like more information about water de-regulation before its UK inception in April 2017, then why not contact us at The Energy Desk? Including water supplies, we can help you with a range of energy procurement services.

Give us a call on 0845 838 9830 or 01282 798 614.

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Water Deregulation in the UK: What do you need to know?