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Solar Panels for Drinkwater’s Mushrooms Ltd

Drinkwater Mushrooms are a family run business that has been producing high quality mushrooms for over 45 years.

Situated in rural North Lancashire, Drinkwater’s Mushrooms Limited was founded by Ken and Barbara Drinkwater in 1969. Now, over forty-five years later it is still a family run and owned company, and continues to produce and supply leading UK supermarkets with quality white and chestnut mushrooms.

Renewable Energy for Drinkwater's Mushrooms

Ken Drinkwater has seen his parent’s business go from strength to strength and is determined to continue to take the company onwards and upwards into the 21st century. Ken’s vision of the future of the business is to strengthen the importance of producing good quality local mushrooms, which has always been at the heart of the business.

In a world where environmental responsibilities are increasingly paramount in the farming industry. Drinkwater Mushrooms were keen to differentiate themselves from their competition by embracing self-generation of their electricity demand from renewable sources.

A solar photo-voltaic solution was an obvious choice because the farm had multiple building rooftops that could accommodate the solar modules.

Our chosen PV products, with their strong performance guarantee and system wide insurance, proved to be the perfect match.

Harlan Sharpe of Drinkwater’s Mushrooms said: “In total we have 400 kW of Solar Panels fitted to six different roofs and a 50 kW ground mount. The work was done on time and with no problems and we like the monitoring and reporting system which is interesting and helpful”.


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Overview of data

Operation:                            Drinkwater Mushrooms

Location:                               Lancaster

Type of roof:                         Rooftop trapezoidal, fibre cement & ground mount

Orientation:                          Multiple orientations

Tilt:                                         15-30 degrees

Capacity:                               450.00kWp

Self-consumption:              100% Solar Power Purchase rate:  8p /kWh

Power yield per annum:    405,000 kWh

Co2 savings per annum:    213,435kg

Significant Energy Savings from The Energy Desk

The Energy Desk helped Drinkwater’s Mushrooms to reduce their carbon footprint, and thanks to their newly installed self-generated power supply, they saved a significant amount of money of their energy costs. The new system saves £19,500 per year and 213,435kg of Co2.

For more information on the solar panels offered by The Energy Desk or any of our other green energy systems, please contact us online today or speak to our specialists directly on 0845 838 9830 or 01282 798 614.


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