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UK Government committed to lowering carbon emissions


Government lowering carbon emissionsThe government recently announced that new petrol and diesel vehicles are to be banned from the year 2040 across the UK. This is in a bid to reduce levels of nitrogen oxide in the in the air which could be causing major health risks.

The full paper which was published on 26th of July also mentions plans to create Clean Air Zones across the country.  Vehicle owners who do not meet the new, stricter emission standards could face a fine to enter the area. However, this is not fully confirmed yet.

How will this impact everyday life?

The new policy simply means that you will not be able to purchase a new vehicle that runs off petrol or diesel after the year 2040. This includes hybrid vehicles too!

Car manufacturers are slowly making the change to electric vehicles, so by 2040 hopefully the transition will be smooth and seamless, with many of the cars on the road already being fully electric at this point.

The government are also thinking of investing up to £100 million into charging stations to deal with the vast number of electric cars.

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UK Government committed to lowering carbon emissions
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